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We have a Pop Up Shop in June!

Big News!
We will be hosting a Pop-up Shop on the Danforth in Toronto for the month of June! Myself and Heather (of Dotty) will be working the shop and bringing ALL OUR THINGS, along side a few of our friends, Green Bijou, Willowmore, Copious Fashions, and Pineapple Fig. Check them out! 
We are so excited! Can't wait to see you! I am working on a couple of new pieces for the shop! I'm also hoping to get some new Fall samples in the shop by mid June! (You see, if I write it down and/or tell people about it, that puts the pressure on)
Also, stay tuned for news about an opening day party! Details are being finalized! :)
But for real... cheers :)

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