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Denim Skirts!

Getting ready for Spring! It's looking pretty cheerful in the studio these days. Getting the Spring line together is possibly my favourite time of year in here. 

I am working on denim skirts this week. I didn't have any new prints at the Winter One of a Kind Show, and then I noticed how many of you come into my booth and bee line straight to the denim! They are what I started with back in '08 and it fills me with so much happiness to see that I still get to make them a part of every collection! I won't stop if you don't stop!

This season, you will see Hedgehogs, Pandas (and sneaky Bears), and Sloths! (apparently the animal of the year) (Go Sloths)

Thank you so much for always supporting what I do! #locallove (do hashtags work in here? haha) 

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