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My Favourite Cake

As I sit here typing this, I've got my mom to my left, You've Got Mail on the TV to my right. It's Sunday afternoon.

My little vacation comes to an end tomorrow. Then, it'll be back to the grind (which I love and always miss when I'm away). As per usual, I baked our favourite cake while I was here. There are two pieces left, and we will eat them tonight. :)

I have a book called Sky High. It's a book filled with triple layer cakes. The maple walnut cake has been made so many times that if I let the book just fall open, it'll open to that recipe.

You can also find the recipe online: Maple Walnut Cake

If you make it (let me know if you do!), I recommend starting with the maple and butter mix in the icing so it can take its time coming down to room temperature.

Tomorrow, it's back to clothing! I love being home with my mom, but I always miss my work and my routine. I brought some work with me, and got the tiniest amount done :) I kind of expected that to happen. I mean, I need to know what's going on on Days of Our Lives... right?!

Happy Sunday


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