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One of a Kind Weekend!

The One of a Kind Show is great for many reasons, but one of them is all the wonderful people, artisans and customers alike, who get woven into your life.

I had a very One of a Kind weekend where I got to spend an entire day with Candice, from The Candi Factory, planting trees and bushes, getting dirty, and relocating worms. I really enjoyed being in touch with nature in this concrete world (that I love so much). 

Then, on Sunday I went out to Stouffville to visit Brook of Brook's Chocolate. Yeah, that's right. I had Brook's Chocolate between shows! Be jealous.

As Brook picked me up from the GO "station", and by GO "station" I mean the side of the road near the railroad tracks, I received a warm welcome in the form of face licks. No, not from Brook, but from Bella, her part Bernese/part Black Lab, who came at me, unexpectedly, from the back seat.

I then got to play with chickens, have a dance party, be taught some serious dance moves from a 5 year old (how cute is Molly?! pictured below), see some frogs, be given flowers (one of which was maybe not supposed to be picked? oopsie), take a walk down a dirt road where I got to yell "Car!!!", see some chipmunks, be given fresh eggs straight from the coop, and be somewhere where I had no cell service. What!? I know.

For lunch, Brook prepared sandwiches made with salmon from The Fishery, a One of a Kind Show staple. And the Pepperoncini Tapenade from Cook's Gourmet, also from the One of a Kind Show, was used in our dinner! For dessert we had some Brook's Chocolate! Also from the One of a Kind Show! (and fresh cantaloupe, but that's not from ooak)

What a great weekend!

Thank you ladies!!


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