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Full Circle

Pun intended? Cause, you know... they're circles... for your neck.

I started out making jewelry back in (way back in?) 2003 and have since had to stop so that I could focus all my energy on clothing. I tried doing both for a while but it just wasn't working out. I realized one day that I hadn't made jewelry in 2 years. That, a jewelry business, does not make.

However, the lovely Mandy Armstrong of Mandala Design asked me to make a few pieces for her store as my necklaces always went so well with her clothes... and she missed them... and I thought that was sweet... and so I made a handful :)

They are available at Mandala Design at 1034 St. Clair West in Toronto!

My now-apparently-super-delicate hands may need another 2 year break! 

Who's a wuss? This girl.

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